LW Marching Arts Update

May 7-13, 2023

Volunteer spots are now posted on Charms to assist with the Savers Drive. Please sign up to help! Thank you!

Need assistance with Charms? Email lwmbcharms@gmail.com for help!

LWMB Families - we need your help!

Do you know someone who loves to perform and/or dance? Do you know someone who wants to get involved in high school, but is not sure what to join?

Please share with any 8th graders or current high schoolers that the Lincoln-Way Marching Band is in need of approximately 20 more color guard members for the 2023 season. The color guard is an integral part to the success of our shows! The artistry, color and beautiful work they do is so important to our success!

Prospective color guard members do not need any prior experience. Please encourage anyone you know to attend one or more of the remaining Color Guard Spring Training Events listed below.

Wednesday, May 10

Color Guard Spring Training - 5-8pm at LW EAST

Wednesday, May 17:

Color Guard Spring Training - 5-8pm at LW WEST

Wednesday, May 24:

Color Guard Spring Training - 5-8pm at LW EAST

This week in the LW Marching Arts:

Sunday, May 7

Savers Drive at LW WEST from 9am-1pm

Monday, May 8

Tuesday, May 9

Uniform Fitting at LW WEST from 6:30-8pm. Please make every attempt to attend if you have not yet been measured for your uniform. Enter at Door 56.

Wednesday, May 10

5-8pm - Color Guard Camp at LW EAST

Thursday, May 11

Friday, May 12

Percussion Pre-Season Camp - 4:30-8:30pm at LW CENTRAL

Saturday, May 13

Friendly Reminder - Please order your required uniform pieces or replacement uniform pieces via the Charms Store by Monday, May 15.

Savers Drive!

Start your spring cleaning by collecting your unwanted soft items to donate to our Savers Drive. Reduce clutter in your home while helping the LWMB - it is a win-win for all!

We will be having our Savers FUNDrive during camp on

Sunday, May 7, 9am-1pm (LW West).

We are collecting “SOFT GOODS”. Clean, gently-used items that include: clothes, coats, shoes, purses, belts, sheets, towels, and blankets.

Our goal is to collect 3 garbage bags per band member. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

Upcoming Deadlines and Events:

Monday, May 15:

Orders due in the Charms Online Store for your summer/parade shirt, shoes and color guard items.

Returning members - please review the Expense Form to make sure you still have all the items listed and check to make sure everything still fits!

Wednesday, May 17:

Color Guard Spring Training - 5-8pm at LW WEST

Wednesday, May 24:

Color Guard Spring Training - 5-8pm at LW EAST

Tuesday, June 13

LWMB Parent Meeting - 7:30 at LW WEST

Tuesday, June 20

COPY of Current Physical is due.

Freshman - you can turn in the copy of your required 9th grade physical.

Sophomores-Seniors - you will turn in a copy of the IHSA Sports physical.

L-W Medication Authorization Form due.

If your child takes prescription AND/OR over the counter medication (ex. Tylenol, Advil, Zyrtec, etc.), please have the physician complete this form when your child has their physical. This will allow staff and parent chaperones to distribute medications during band camp and trips we take. Listing over the counter medications on this form is very helpful and we won't have to call you if your child needs Tylenol or Advil for a headache when we are on a trip or during the long days of band camp.

Keep Informed Throughout the Season!

*Visit www.lincolnwaymusic.org/lwmb.html to find the answers to your questions!

*Log on to the LWMB Charms and familiarize yourself with the program. Reach out to lwmbcharms@gmail.com with questions and for Charms assistance.

*Read the weekly newsletter that will be emailed to you every Sunday.

*Sign up for Remind - Text @lwmb23 to 81010.

*Follow "Lincoln-Way Marching Band" on facebook, @lwmarchingband on Twitter and Instagram.

*Request membership in the private facebook group "LWMB Families". This group is for current LWMB families to share info and help each other out!

LW Marching Arts Parent Alliance Liaisons

Angela Brown

Parent of Grace in the percussion section.

LW West



Crystal Christopherson

Parent of Levi and Josie in the percussion section.

LW West

(630) 452-5575


Jen Clark

Parent of Maddie who is a drum major and Emily in the trumpet section.

LW East



Lynette Delatte

Parent of Jason in the baritone section.

LW Central



Laura McGivern

Parent of Hilary in the flute section.

LW Central



Michelle Obrecht

Parent of Caden in the trumpet section.

LW Central



Ben Salgado

Parent of Abby in the clarinet section and Abe in the baritone section.

LW East



Lincoln-Way Marching Arts Parent Alliance

Reach out to Communications Liaison, Jen Clark, with any questions you might have.