3rd Grade News

Eagle Elementary - Mrs. Grant (December 11,2015)

New Donut Place in Town!

My background is to honor the new donut place in Zionsville. Yum!

Landmarks Project

Please let me know if you have any questions about our upcoming landmarks project. Between now and Thursday, the students job is to create a presentation tool with one picture, a map with landmark labeled, and their most important 5-10 facts. If your child creates a digital presentation, please email the project to me or bring in a jump drive.

Winter Party

We will have our winter party this Friday at 2:30. Thank you to those who have signed up to help us celebrate.


The students took the OLSAT test on Tuesday and their results will be communicated to you either via MiSI Pep or a paper copy. Please contact Mrs. Radivan for any additional questions.

We will also take reading NWEA when we come back from the holidays. :)

Grant's Book Store

Our bookstore will be open for another week. I'm so proud of how the students have worked together organizing books, writing a loan for our cash box, creating posters, and assigning roles.

What we have been up to....

Readers Workshop

All week we applied our learning of reading and jotting down the most important information. We also learned the importance of citing our resources. I suggested thinking about how the author let you use their ideas and we need to 'thank them' for allowing us to do so. We discussed in great length credible resources and the difference between digital and print resources.

Social Studies

We completed our regions reading and read about Mexico and Canada. This coming week we will finish reading about the Caribbean and then start the end of unit project- creating a travel log!

How Can You Support at Home

Please support them with their landmarks project and help them practice their one minute oral presentation (speech). The speech is basically them presenting their 5-10 facts to the class. We discussed engaging your audience and using an 'explaining voice' and gestures to make the report more of a conversation.

Word Study - This week we worked on prefixes.

Writing- The students wrote some really nice narratives last week and informational text articles using graphic organizers to plan with a text structure in mind. :)

Math and Science

Math --Unit 4 math tests were graded and ready to be sent home on Friday. Unfortunately I left them at home. :) I will send the tests home on Monday. We have started unit 5, but we won't get very far as we focus on our instruments this week. I'll send home unit 5 home links this week. I'm also sending home a math review/practice packet for all of the kids. These are OPTIONAL, but a small reward will be given to those who return it completed when we get back from break.

Science--Instruments are due Monday. Kids will be grouped, songs will be picked/made up, and band names will be decided upon. :) Please remember to arrive at 8:45 this coming Friday to watch your child and his/her band perform their song.

Thanks for all that you do!