Norfolk Jr. high newz

by trevin beltz

police in jail

Yesterday Humpty Dumpty was on the Great Wall of China making graffiti when the cops saw him and chased him. They ran for over ten minutes around the Great Wall. After that, Humpty Dumpty climbed the wall and the police pushed Humpty Dumpty off of the wall. When they went down to see if he was ok, he was a scrambled egg , all cracked. Later that day around three o’clock he was declared dead. The police were later thrown in jail for murder by declare of the greatest men and women in the universe court. The judges for trial were Michael Jordan, Eli Manning, Ndamukong Suh, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Spud Webb, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and the head of the court was Abby Wambach.

the goonies


The Goonies is a funny adventure on a mission to save their home.

The Goonies is directed by Richerd Donner.

Writers are Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus.

This movie is a comedy about some friends trying to save their homes from a rich guy trying to buy their land for a golf course. The kids find an old pirate map that used to be in a museum. They go and try and find One Eye Willy treasure, but they are not alone. Three crooks are hot on their tail trying to catch them and take the treasure for themselves. They must go through bounty traps set by One Eye Willy and his crew. You must watch this movie with your family to find out what happens.

survey of favorite foods

the options of the favorite foods were pizza, mac and cheese, turkey, bacon, and jerky.

i interviewed 25 people for this survey.

here is what i got

food and percent

pizza 20%

mac and cheese 40%

turkey 4%

bacon 36%

jerky 0%