Romeo and Juliet

Act 2 summaries

Act 2: scene 1 Friendly insults for a lost romeo

After the party ends, Romeo can't stop thinking about Juliet, so he ditches Mercutio and Benvolio and heads back to the Capulet house. Mercutio and Benvolio try to find Romeo after the party. They assume that Romeo is going to find Rosaline. Afterwards, they crack a lot of dirty jokes at Romeo's expense. Mercutio is offended that Romeo left them.
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Act 2. Scene 2. The love balcony

The scene starts with Romeo watching Juliet, who is standing on a balcony. As he observes her, he compares her to the sun. Romeo listens to Juliet confess her love to him. After he hears her confession, he reveals himself to her and confesses his love. The two promise to marry one another.
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Act 2: scene 3. Monastery advice

Romeo goes to the monastery to talk to friar laurence. He gives him advice on things when he is in need. Romeo tells him he is in love with juliet. Romeo wants to marry her and ask him to wed them. He is reluctant but does it. He told him he is doing it because it might bring peace to the city.
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Act 2: scene 4. Tybalt’s swordsmanship and the lovely argument

Mercutio and Benvolio receive a message from tybalt. It challenges romeo to a dual and Mercutio says how he is the best swordsman in town. Romeo shows up and mercutio and him have a conversation about if he a sex with Rosline.The Nurse shows up to deliver a message to romeo but gets made fun of for being fat. Finally , the nurse and romeo talk about the wedding.
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Act 2. scene 5. The impatient Lady

Juliet nervously waits for nurse to arrive with news about the wedding. When the nurse arrives she keeps avoiding juliet. She was gone for three hours and says she tired. Juliet gets mad and yells at the nurse. Finally, she gives in and tells juliet about the wedding.
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Act 2. scene 6. The lovely wedding

Friar Laurence is trying to get romeo to rethink this marriage. Romeos mind is set and wants to marry. Friar Laurence compares their relationship to fireworks because it started great but will end fast. Juliet enters and they start the wedding. After it ends they kiss.
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