Rio Negro

All about the Blackwater River

Where is the Rio Negro?

The source of the Rio Negro is in Columbia. Its main tributary is the Río Branco. It has its sources along the watershed between the Orinoco and the Amazon basins. The Río Negro is connected with the Orinoco basin by the Casiquiare, a natural canal. It is an important commercial channel as rubber and nuts are shipped on it, the Río Negro was discovered in 1638 by Pedro Teixeira, a Portuguese explorer.

How long is it?

the largest black water river in the world, and one of the world's ten largest rivers. It is 2,230 km long, however it is only navigable for 700km. The countries it runs through are Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela

Flooding and The Uses of the Rio Negro

In the wet season, it floods the country far and wide, sometimes to a width of 30 kilometres , for long distances, and for 650 kilometres upstream. From April until October, it is a succession of lagoons, full of long islands. There are also many intricate channels. As I said the Rio Negro is an important commercial channel as rubber and nuts are shipped on it.

Human Features

The main human feature on the river is the Manaus-Iranduba bridge or the bridge across the River Rio Negro. It is the 2nd largest bridge over freshwater in the world! It is a massively complex structure, the bridge measures 2.2 miles in total length and it has a 1,312-foot-long cable-supported central section that allows the Amazon’s significant shipping traffic to pass unimpeded.