Night of the Twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman


Dan Hatch was the main character, he was caught in two tornados, and his parents got separated from him. His dad was at their farm and he found his mom but they had got separated because his mom got on bus to go try to find shelter for Ryan and herself. In the story Dan was driving's a police cruiser while being chased by a tornado, after he had escaped from the tornado he decided to stay at an armory. At the end of the story every one pitches in and helps clean and rebuild the town, Mrs. Smiley gave every one food and drinks even the army and president came to help they gave the people all trailers to live in and enough food and drink for them to survive the rest of the year.


The main character of the story is Dan Hatch. Arthur, Stacey, Mother Hatch, Father Hatch, Ant Goldie, Marie, Ronnie, Grandpa Hatch, Ryan, Mr. Darlington, Mrs. Darlington, Veronica Gwyneth, Tabitha Theodosia and Angelique, are all important characters of this story.


The setting of the story is at Dan's house and also at Arthurs house in Grand islands. Also parts of the book occur at the armory, K-mart, police station, and finally the race car track. Here's a hint Dan finds his parents at the race car track.

Main Aritical

The Grand Islands is Dan's home, he is in 4th grade and he has experienced two tornados with his friends Stacey and Arthur, it was one of the worst experiences of their life. I hope you buy the book and enjoy it.


The main problem of this story is there are three tornados, he cannot find his parents, every is trying to find safety from the tornados.


The solution of the story is when he is running through a race car track and found his parents, and the twisters stopped about at five a.m. the next day.
Night of the Twisters (1996)

Fun facts

1. Tornados mostly spin clockwise.

2. Its rare in Kansas for a tornado to spin counterclockwise.

3. Tornados form by a combination of hot air and cold air.