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Who Was Pericles?

Pericles was born in 495 B.C. to a wealthy family. His father, Xanthippus, was a commander of Athens at the battle of Mycale in 479 B.C. The name Pericles means 'Surrounded by Glory'. In 429 B.C. during the Peloponnesian War a breakout of a plague called the Plague of Athens killed Pericles in 429 B.C.

Why Was Pericles Important?

Pericles was famous for being a well known statesman, a famous orator and a general. His influence was so powerful that he led Athens into a time called the 'Age of Pericles. Pericles also helped found the Delian League.
Pericles, the Delian League, and the Athenian Golden Age

Where Was Pericles From?

Pericles Lived in Athens his whole life. From the time he was born (459 B.C.) to his death in 429 B.C. Pericles was a citizen of Athens and pledged his allegiance to the city/state.

What Did Pericles Do?

The big achievement Pericles did was letting all appointed men, poor or wealthy, could take part in running the government. He also helped found the Delian league. He was a general in many important battles for Athens to.

How Did Pericles Become Famous?

Pericles became famous by influencing many things. He was one of the two people that influenced Athens into a direct democracy.