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November 13, 2015

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General Announcements

  • Today is midterm for this quarter but since grades update at midnight and sometimes not on Saturdays we will send the midterm sign off page home on Monday as homework.
  • We got enough Oreos and we now have enough Pringles cans! Thank you so much!
  • If you didn't pay your field trip fees in the beginning of the year, please go to to pay those. We are currently planning all of the trips and need to know how much $ we have to work with.
  • Website:


Next week is full to the brim with academic activities. While we're in a holiday season, we still have only so many days until the end of the quarter and Ms. Fenwick and I have engaging, academic plans for each and every day. As you make your holiday plans, please let us know in advance if your child will be missing a day and please try to avoid having them miss if at all possible! Thanks!

From Ms. Fenwick

Spelling: No spelling this week! The new words for the week after Thanksgiving are already on the homepage of my eCLASS course page for those of you who like to look ahead.

Reading: We will be focusing on character traits this week using a play, The Monster in the Cave. The students will continue to read their own individualized selections for their Genre Bingo Card--we have started over for the new 9 weeks. Wordly Wise Lesson 7 this week! Don't forget that a Reading Check-In on eCLASS is due every Friday under Second Nine Weeks.

Writing: We will be focusing on Complex Sentences this week using a mentor sentence we found in a story we will read together, The Turkey Race. We will finish up our research and complete our informational writing about the an aspect of the Solar System.

From Mrs. Turner

  • Math: We have taught most of the skills for the unit, and I have posted video helpers to our website and eClass. The test is December 2.
  • Don't forget TenMarks is due every Friday. (I've already loaded next week's assignments for students to work on if you want to get ahead.)
  • SS: We discussed precolonies (Jamestown, Roanoke, Plymouth). Next week we will move into the original 13 colonies! This unit is a ton of fun, so ask your child about it a lot! The information will be tested with the New England colonies in a few weeks. Additional resources for study may be found at: and on eClass.
  • Science: We sped right through this unit and students should be ready. Test is MONDAY, November 16. We will go straight into Additional resources for study may be found at: and on eClass.

Colonial Day

  • Colonial Day will be December 18th! We dress up for this, so I've included some pictures of some dressed up in the past. . . Please know there are many ways to dress up and don't all require spending money. HOWEVER, if you plan to purchase your child's costume, you may want to watch the Halloween sales to get the costumes inexpensively.

Don't Forget!

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