Physical Properties,Movement,and Location

10 facts about Saturn

  • Saturn is huge, saturn is the second biggest planet.
  • Saturn has a lot of hydrogen, and has gas.
  • Saturn's rings isn't solid they are made of little pieces of ice, Saturn's has 7 rings
  • some of the bits of ice are really small like a sand some are large, larger than tall buildings.
  • Saturn's rings can be seen from Earth by an a small telescope
  • Saturn can float in the water because it is made of gas
  • Saturn orbits around the sun slowly in 29 Earths years, Saturn spins the axis very fast.
  • Saturn has 53 known moons
  • Saturn has 62 moons
  • The day Saturday was named after Saturn

Physical properties about Saturn

Saturn atmosphere is gas and hydrogen it's kinda off the gas that you put on a balloon, Saturn is a gas-giant but it dosent have a solid surface.

Pictures of Saturn

Location for Saturn

Saturn is the 6 th planet from the sun, the distance is about 1.4 km (886 million miles).

Movement for Saturn

Saturn orbits around our sun (star), and Saturn takes for hours to rotate or spin once like 10.7 hours , it makes a complete orbit around the sun.
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