RHS Library Report

October 2014

Mission and Philosophy


The library media center is central to the learning process occurring in schools. Its program is designed to produce students who are information literate. Information literate students are effective users of information in a variety of formats. The school library media center is the vehicle that provides opportunities for students to attain information literacy and to foster a lifelong interest in acquiring knowledge while following their passions. A student-centered program is dependent upon a school librarian assuming a pivotal role in working collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and others direct to the program.


The school library media program in the Radnor Township School District will prepare students for their roles in the technology-driven global community of the 21st century by teaching students to find and use information efficiently and effectively. The library program will help students develop lifelong reading and learning skills and the motivation to take responsibility for their own learning.


Classes and Collaboration

9th Grade

Health: Digital Citizenship lesson to all 9th grade Health classes

(all classes) DiRocco, Roseland, DiSipio, Busza

  • Mapping out how to implement at least 4 Digital Citizenship lessons for each 9th-10th grade classes with Roseland.

English: Victorian Era Research in conjunction with Great Expectations. (Lynam)

10th Grade

Social Studies: World Studies Planning (Myers)

11th Grade

12th Grade

English: Middle Ages Research Lessons in conjunction with Canterbury Tales. (Lynam)


ACTS Program training and planning (Dean)

Professional Development

Professional Learning Communties

Social Media:Using Twitter to build your Personal Learning Network

Schoology: Intermediate and Advanced features
Interative Presentations: Kahoot

English Department Meeting

Overview: OverDrive ebooks and audiobooks, LibGuides, Reference ebooks

Media Literacy Conference

Attended Renee Hobbs conference in King of Prussia with RTSD librarians.



Parent Involvement Night: Kids, Social Media, and Privacy

Presentation with Mike Petitti and Catherine Horan

Session Description: The hottest thing in social media seems to change by the day. Lately, however, the prevailing trend is not an app at all but a new approach to social media altogether. In an interactive session, presenters will review the strategies and services many kids now use to create and maintain their privacy in a very public digital world. Many social media seminars focus on perceived dangers. This session will illustrate how kids are positively and constructively leading the way toward a fresh take on online connectivity- and what adults can learn from them. The session will also include an update on how RTSD is modeling responsible online behavior and provide answers to questions kids often ask about social media and technology.

Book Club

Club Meetings

Students Helping Students
Radnor Library Board

Online Resources and Tutorials

Conducting a Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search

New LibGuides

LibGuides Statistics

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Current Library Statistics

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OverDrive eBooks Usage

Audiobooks: 17

eBooks: 127

Project Gutenberg downloads: 7

Database Usage- Gale

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Database Usage- ProQuest

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ereference books usage- Salem Press

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