Uranus man

Uranium swarg

Hes not about that life

He doesnt eat the booty like groceries thats not how its supposed to be. He is Uranus man. With the "explosive" power from Uranium restored through "Nemo touching the butt".


His secret identity? Its a secret you pleb. Fine his name Ben Dover. Hes a black market dealer selling nukes to the isis. But once night comes he kickes theyre booties and gets the nukes back.

Dont hate

Dont worry, he gets the nukes back.... most of the time. OK there was that one time at band camp but thats another story. Anyways He's not that dense only 18.9g/cm. WIth a whopping atomic number of 92 people are sure to back away from this savage.

Need help?

To call on Uranus man just yell the password. "Are you butt hurt bro??"
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