how it works and what it is

What is cloning?

Cloning is creating a organism that is an exact genetic copy of another.

(twins are an example of natural cloning)

How is cloning done?

There are 2 ways

1. Artificial Embryo Twinning (when you manually seperate a very early embryo into individual cells then placing the cells into the mother.)
2.SCNT (when you isolate a somatic cell, then transfer the nucleus from that cell to the egg cell, make a couple chemical tweaks and your done.)

Why do they use cloning and is it good or bad?

They use cloning for many reasons. One reason is to help infertile couples be able to have a baby.Another reason is to grow new organs. Cloning is both good and bad. I think right now it is good because they are only using it to help people.I think in the future when it becomes accesible to every day people they could use it for bad things.

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