Interstate Commerce Act

The interstate Commerce Act of 1887 was a federal law that monitored the railroad industry. This law also regulated the monopoly systems. The act demand that the railroad prices be fare, and did not empower the government to fix certain rates. The Act also help create the Interstate Commerce Commission, which also secondly charged with the job to monitor the new regulations. It also happen to be the first federal law to monitor the private railroad industry. Later this act was the expanded to then add on other modes of transportation to monitor and regulate. (proud)
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Economic (Transcontidental Railroad)

The Transcontinental Railroad stretched a long 1,907 miles. It was built by the Western Pacific Railroad Company, the Central Pacific Company, and the Union Pacific Company. All of which help complete a certain part of the track. The railroad was built between 1863 1869. Helping connect the Pacific coast with a lot of the San Francisco bay area. The Track did not official open until May 10, 1869. Im proud of this because I think it helped expand a new area of growth for people, and help create a new market for shipping goods across the US. (Proud)
transcontinental Railroad

Social/Cultural (Manifest Destiny)

Manifest Destiny was the expansion of settlers moving west. With all this expansion caused a great deal of problems with the native indian tribes. This expansion has also been known to what started the war with Mexico. The expansion mostly took place in the early 1840's. Iam ashamed with this event because of the effects it had on the indians. I believe there were other options of expansion or even where the settlers to new home at but the effects it had on the tribes were catastrophic.(shame)
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IMMAGRATION Political (Exclusion Act)

The Exclusion Act was also a federal law signed on May 6, 1882. Had some of the strictest restriction against the Chinese Laborers. The Act prohibited all immigration of these Chinese laborers. This act I'm ashamed of, I believe that everyone has a chance in the US. Saying that I think the US overlooked that the fact of these workers did most of the "tough" jobs no one at the time would always do. (Shame)
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Economic (Political Machines)

Political Machines are a single powerful leader trying to gain votes by promoting financial or self interest. In the mid 1900's Tammy Hall was the most well known. With the ring leader William Tweed trying to get votes from the Irish he is most known for this. This topic make me proud and shamed. I think at times these ideas and offers helped out the poor but in the same way the needed the money and or supplies and there for did not really have and option.(Proud, Shame)
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Social/Culture (Americanization)

Was the forced movement of Indians that had to learn the American culture. These blunt ways of life were forced rapidly and kids were put in school to learn english and other American daily ways of life. The impact of this cause great drama to tribes. Iam ashamed of this because of the Americans not respecting the lives of the indians. The lives of many were changed and cultures changed also.
Native American Assimilation

PROGRESSIVE Political (Robert La Follette)

Robert was born on June 14, 1855. He was a very strong republican and progressive. He served in the U.S House of Representatives, and was the governor of wisconsin. Robert wanted to expand Democracy by taking power away from the political parties and giving that power back to the people. He served as a vocal leader for the railroad trusts and also in the league of Nations. Iam proud of this individual for what he did for the U.S, and for keeping the government honest.
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Economic (Child Labor)

Child Labor involved most kids under the age of 16. Kids were used in the factories for many reasons. For one there size was as of use because they could fit more in one factory and when working in mines they could fit where an adult could not. Kids were also easier to work with and easier to be told what todo. Kids could also work for less money. Iam not proud of this because of this fact young kids were put at such dangerous conditions. Kids were paid almost little to nothing and could not go to school till in some cases later.
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Social/Culture (NAACP)

The NAACP was founded Feb 12, 1909 by Web Dubois. NAACP was founded in Echo to the riots for race and lynching. Basic principles were formed for political, social, educational and economic equality throughout all races. The NAACP main goal is to stop all forms of racial discrimination. Iam proud of this because I don't believe in discrimination, and believe that this group was formed for the better.
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URBANIZATION Political ( Tenement Act)

With poor living conditions this Act helped out the immigrants living there. The Act was the first to create a standard for new houses going up and old ones already built. Laws mandated that all windows had to face outward, proper ventilation systems, indoor toilets, open courtyards and fire safeguards. Im proud of this because it helped out the lower class. I believe that this act create a new standard for immigrants and help lead a new way of life for these people.
New York Tenement House Act

Economic (Panama Canal)

The panama Canal was one of the greatest projects accomplished. The canal is between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The canal opened up fast shipping lanes, creating a new expansion north and south with new trade routes. Iam Proud of this, it created new jobs and new ways to receive shipments faster.
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Social/Culture (Immigrants)

By the early 1900's the number of immigrants stood at 3.5 million. In a decade that number grew to a 9 million. With all these new people entering the U.S, a lot came from it. These people were forced to create new ways to live in a new society. With all the new people came also a increases in crime. With more people came not enough jobs and a larger lower class. Iam ashamed of this because I feel that we should have stopped letting all the new immigrants in. With all these new people created more crime that causes more problems.
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IMPERIALISM Political (Teller Amendment)

This Amendment assured that Cuba that the people would control it. The ending goal was to gain power to the people. U.S agreed that it could not annex Cuba but would help with the goal of getting power to the people. In the end the U.S would pull all the troops out of Cuba. Im proud of the is because this help Cuba establish its independence and regain control of the island.
Teller Amendment | Summary of Teller Amendment

Economic (Dollar Diplomacy)

The Dollar Diplomacy reflects it name consider it involved a lot money. It involved aiming to further its expansion over in south and central Asia. William Taft wanted a stronger economic power, he recived this by making loans to foreign countries. He also promoted the sale of U.S products. Im proud and ashamed of this because I think it help expand the U.S market. At the same time this guaranteed loans of alot of money as we were trying to help everyone.
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Social/Cultural (newspaper)

Newspapers were important because they focused on all sides. They mostly focused on covering the point of views of the political partys. During this time newspaper also were very critical of what they were talking about. The paper also covered items such as "immigrants coming into the city". These things helped people see what everyone was going through.
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WWI Political (Freedom of The Seas)

Under president Wilson, this law created the high seas were open to all states outside of territorial waters. This was apart of Wilson's 14 points. The allies Britain and France opposed the idea as because of the big naval power house France. I'am proud of this because I think this helped pervent war and create a natural zone. Wilson's point created a treaty that we use still today and I think it just shows the success of this.
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Economic (Control Act of 1917)

During hard war times every day products and items went up to help with war costs. People could not always pay for the new higher priced items,thats when they introduced the Control Act. This Act kept gas and food prices at a constant price. I'am proud of this because I think it helped the families that had family members and even wife's that had husbands in the military.
1917 Immigration Act

Social/Culture (Hun)

The propaganda "Beat the hun" was used to scare Americans into buying war bonds. These bonds were issued by the government that helped finance the military. The bonds came in many sizes of donation and made everyone feel that they were helping out in the war. It made you have a sense of pride in the war. I'm proud of this because I think this is what really exceeded the U.S in war. This got the general American People fired up about war.
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