So how does Blutooth really work?

the complexity in simplicity

What are blutooth devices?

To answer this question, we have to understand what butooth is in general. Bluooth is the wireless usage of of any two devices. One should not confuse this with WiFi, as blotch does not involve any use of the internet. In fact blutooth is a very recent invention of 1994 by a swedish mechanic. A small group of companies work together to improve this technology, however in my opinion the spread of the "how and why" behind this invention is more important than its constantly improvement.

How does the thing work?

Id say the simple answer to this has been quoted by Apple many times is: "It just works". This is definitely the case for blutooth devices as well because they work with the combination of hardware with software connection. Firstly, every blutooth device is composed of a single chip with small antennae that allows for the connection. Once a connection is made between devices, it is called a pitchout. Files and media can be streamed via devices using absolutely NO WIRES! This comes in handy to help serve many different types of features in modern day computing such as the Apple's Air Drop.

Blutooth uses low power radio waves to transmit data. It is short range usually and ends up ranging up to 32 feet, sometimes only 30 feet. One reason why many devices require alternative forms of data transfer when transferring data is because of the low range on BT devices. I believe that blutooth has a huge lookout towards future with much change yet to come. An example of this is Wifi, and how it changed to the most used internet service. My lookout for blutooth is that it would become the most common source for media and file transfer.

Try it out!