Endocrine/ Reproductive Health

By: Colton Clymer

Questions Regarding Estrogen/ Testosterone

  1. When does a male begin producing testosterone?
  2. When does a female begin producing estrogen?
  3. Why are testosterone and estrogen important?
  4. What gland signals the production of hormones in males? In females?

Answers To The Questions Above

  1. Testosterone is produced in higher amounts at the beginning of puberty in males. This age varies but usually starts around ages 13-15.
  2. Women begin production of estrogen at the beginning of puberty which is usually around the same age as men.
  3. Testosterone and estrogen are so important because they produce secondary sex characteristics in both male and females. They are vital to growth and development and sexual reproduction development. Testosterone is vital for bone density, fat distribution, red blood cell production, sex drive, and sperm production.
  4. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland are important in signaling testosterone and estrogen production in both male and females.

Importance of Abstinence

  1. How does practicing abstinence protect reproductive health? Practicing abstinence helps prevent the person from contracting a STD or STI. This will help keep your reproductive system healthy and avoid possible future problems.
  2. How does it protect teens' emotional and social health? This helps protect them from emotional or social health problems of having a child at a young age. This may also protect them from others judging them for being pregnant. This will also keep them happier and less stressed.
  3. How can teens influence other teens to practice abstinence? They can avoid peer pressuring them, tell them the benefits of abstinence, risks of pregnancy, encourage smart behavior, stay abstinent as well.
  4. Having a healthy reproductive system will prevent further complications, make you a healthier and happier person, and help your reproductive system stay in top shape when you are ready to have a child.