Marching Blue Family BBQ

August 12, 2014 6pm Midview High School APR

The family BBQ is coming soon!

Please mark this event on your calendars! We want EVERYONE to attend. Parents can meet their student's friends, directors and other parents!



5:50- Doors open

6:00- Arrive and find a seat

6-8:00p.m. Eat, be introduced to the directors, booster officers, information and CHARMS!

A Charms tutorial!

This tutorial is from another school. Our school code is MidviewHSBand. Please do not use their school code, use ours. Thanks!!
Charms Office Tutorial

We need parent volunteers!

We need your help! Please go to the Charms calendar, click on the rainbow hand and volunteer! If you volunteer for 4 major events (football concessions, driving for Blitz Day, heading a committee) you are eligible to get your Uniform cleaning fee waived!

A computer will be available for signing up to volunteer during this BBQ event if you are unable to access is before then!

Sign up and help the Marching Blue!