Transportation of Jews

How Jews were transported to different camps during WWII

The Holocaust

Around 1942/1943, the Nazi Occupation organized a plan of mass genocide called "The Final Solution." This so-called "solution", sentenced all Jews, African/Blacks, Physically disabled people, and other groups of people Hitler saw as "imperfect", to leave their homes and valuables behind, and board trains that would take them to massive death, or concentration camps, that led to their certain deaths.

Three types of transportation for Jews during the Holocaust

During the Holocaust, the Germans transported about 6 million Jews to concentration camps

How so many Jews were transported

The Germans rarely fed or took care of the Jews' necessities, so the Jews became very skinny and weak, making a revolt practically impossible. Day by day, the Jews would become weaker and constantly starve, making it possible to fit more Jews on each box car. If anyone resisted or held back, they would be executed on the spot making even more room for the Jews.
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