You better eat healthy foods!


The Four Ways To Eat Healthy And Be Healthy

Healthier foods can make your life easier and a lot healthier.
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The Four parts of health. Mental, Emotional, Social, and Physical health.

Mental Health

Cope with demands of daily health

-Dealing with stress effectively

-accept new ideas

Emotional Health Emotional Health

-Express Emotions calm, healthy

-Deal with sadness and get help

-Accept streath and weaknesses

Social Health

-Be considerate


-Share Feelings


-Volunteer community

-support your friends

Physical health

No drugs, alcohol, tobacco etc.

-Protective gear

-Hygiene, keep clean

-Visit doctor and dentist

How can you be healthy when your on a budget?????

Eating Healthy is always the right thing to do. Healthy food are much cheaper then more "junk" foods. Some healthy foods are a lot more expensive but there are options. These two items are from our Shaws in our area. These grapes are WAY too expensive but healthy can be more money.
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