Sports Nutritionist

Matt Long

Description of Profession

Sports Nutritionists provide information and help enhance the performance of any athlete.

Certifications Necessary to be a Sports Nutritionist

Depending on the state you wish to practice in certification requirements differ. Some states have no regulations, some states require a license to practice, and other states only require state registration or certification

Daily Activities of a Sports Nutritionist

On any typical day, a Sports Nutritionist will assess health and diet needs, meet with patients about issues and habits, make meal plans, and speak to groups to promote nutrition

Education Requirements

Bachelor's degree in dietetics, foods and nutrition, food service systems management, clinical nutrition, or a similar area. Many nutritionists also have advanced degrees.

Payday- What is average income? Beginning and Potential

Beginning income will start around $34,500 and potential income can be close to $80,000

Necessary skills to be a successful Sports Nutritionist

Must be able to create a meal plan that is both effective and price efficient, keep up with nutritional research, and write reports of patients' progress.

Practice Setting: Where do Sports Nutritionists work?

Most nutritionists work in hospitals or for the government, other job settings can be a nursing or residential facilities. A few nutritionists work in a office of health practitioners or outpatient care centers.

Fun Facts

Nutritionists can provide therapy through meal plans to make a patient's body feel better while make their emotional wellbeing improve at the same time.

Some Nutritionists specialize in only dealing with kidney diseases, or cancer.

Nutritionists that work in schools, or hospitals could also be in charge of budget.