African Americans after the War

Including the effects, political, social, & economic changes

African Americans during the Civil War

Most African Americans were slaves. Men and boys worked in the cotton fields and women, in the household. People who repealed of slavery were ____________. Many Northerners did not feel the need for slaves because of their advanced economy and machinery. Southerners, on the other hand, they didn't have the advance technology that the North had.

African Americans after the Civil War

The Africans where not wanted after the war, they basically had no purpose. The Africans were _____________ from the world. A few years later the 15th amendment was given to African Men, which means that they could vote. They were officially ____________________.




The African Americans were intrigated into our society by standing up and doing what was right. Then we accepted them and they became our friends. We have now created a ___________ with them, this also means that we are chained together.


Vocabulary that you need to know is abolition, free people, civil rights, segregation, suffrage, and bonds.