Final Festival

6th Grade Contemporary World Exam

Appetizer: Who's More Developed? Germany vs. Brazil


Germany's GDP: $3.73 trillion || Brazil's GDP: $2.25 trillion

Literacy Rate:

Germany's Literacy Rate: 99% || Brazil's Literacy Rate: 90.4%

GDP Per Capita:

Germany's GDP Per Capita: $45,084.87 || Brazil's GDP Per Capita: $11,208.08

Life Expectancy:

Germany's Life Expectancy: 80.19 years || Brazil's Life Expectancy: 74.3 years

% Below Poverty:

Germany's % Below Poverty: %15.5 || Brazil's % Below Poverty: 21.4%

Conclusion: Overall Germany is more developed. Though Brazil isn't very close behind, but the GDP Per Capita is lower than Germany's, same goes for the GDP, the life expectancy isn't as far apart nor is the Percentage Below Poverty. Overall they're both decent countries, but Germany is more developed.