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Features of the Osprey

Ospreys are large birds, standing 21 to 24 in. tall and having a wing span of up to approximately 6 ft. They are dark brown above with white stomach and legs below.

Where they live and what they do

The osprey is almost always found near water containing abundant fish popu- lations and can be seen along rivers, lakes and the coast. Ospreys are excellent hunters of fish. They usually hover over the water until a fish nears the surface and then dive feet first, grasping the fish with their talons.Although they are almost exclusively fish eaters, ospreys occasionally take other prey including birds, mammals, mollusks and snakes.

People interactions with Osprey

Human activities have greatly affected osprey populations in the past through the indiscriminate use of persistent pesticides They have adapted well to living with man, but continued pollution and destruction of habitat could have an adverse impact in the future.