Raffles Hotel Singapore

By Advait Abrol

How It origins

At first the hotel was a beach house. Syed Mohamed bin Ahmad Alsagoff, a wealthy arabic man purchased the beach house before his death in 1875. His heirs held the beach house for 20 years, then they were none left. The hotel was on for 20 years before they reconstructed it. Maylayan Banking bought it when it was offered for Sale In 1961. 11 years later they sold it to the Develpment Bank of Singapore.

Arriving at SAS from Raffles Hotel

Even though my house and Raffles Hotel is the same direction to SAS from my house you would take PIE then BKE, but from the raffles you would take CTE then SLE. You will arrive here at roughly the same time. When the distance from Raffles Hotel to my school is 4 kilometers longer. The reason Why Raffles Hotel is located 1 Beach Road is because at the time their was so much space their. Plus it is close to the trading center of Singapore.

There is a lot of nature in Raffles Hotel for example.

The Impact and The significance of Raffles Hotel to Singapore is...

The Significance and Impact

1 The Impact of Raffles Hotel on Singapore was they liked it so much they made it a monument. Thats why people also have their wedding there.

2 The Historical Significance of the Hotel is that it was a great magnet a primary source of this is a book being soled at the Raffles Hotel Gift Shop about the Raffles Hotel. And it is close to the trading center. On a business trip stay there.

A Historical Timeline Of Raffles Hotel

1. It was established in 1887

2.Ngiam Tong Boon Before 1910 the exact date is unknown, created the multi-millionare Cocktail the Singapore Sling.

3. It went under reconstruction in May 1991

4. It was a big succes for Singapore. Winning awards such as: Best overseas hotel, Best landmark worldwide, Best Hotel for lesuire/private travel.

What I thought

I thought Raffles Hotel is a very beautiful Site and it reminds me of Singapore back in the ages because of the size and they have not modified the style much just the size. I felt like I was back in the states!

Who Built it/ What it is used for/Is it still being used?

1. The Sarkie brothers built it

2. it is used as a hotel and there is also 5 function rooms and shops. P.S the shops are a ripoff.

3. Yes it is still being used!