Mrs. Drew's Weekly Newsletter

4th Grade: Week of Feb. 29th

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This week in 4th grade...

  • Language Arts: We wrapped up our Jerry Spinelli unit with comprehension tests. In a couple weeks we'll start a new round of Literature Circle meetings. In Writing the students researched and drafted their first chapter of their expository books on Lewis and Clark. Over the course of the month, they will research and draft several more chapters, then will follow the steps of the writing process until they present their typed books at the end of this month.

  • Social Studies: I love seeing the enthusiasm the students bring to our study of Lewis and Clark. Each group was able to choose a project to complete in their corp group this week. One group is doing Native American themed beadwork, while the other two groups chose to build a model of a pirogue. The groups also are continuing to solve Daily Dilemma's by collaborating and problem solving with their corp, then researching to find what Lewis and Clark actually did.

  • Science: This week our 4th grade scientists built electromagnets! This science lab was a good experience for the students! We also learned about magnets; the students were excited to see the effects of magnetic fields and magnetism. We then reviewed as a class then tested on these concepts on Friday.

  • Math: This was the second of our two review weeks. The students worked diligently on reviewing then expanding on multiplication, division, geometry, place value, and applying our skills to word problems. Next week we will start something new!

  • Cool Science Assembly: We had a wonderful OPT assembly on Thursday! A man from the Pacific Science Center came to show the students some amazing scientific wonders with liquid nitrogen! Thank you, OPT!

Next Week in 4th grade...

  • Language Arts: Wordly Wise lesson 11; add to CAFE menu; Writing: work on chapter 2 of expository writing

  • Science: Continue Salmon study; focus on scientific method (dependent & independent variables)

  • Math: begin chapter 10 on spatial reasoning, ordering points on a grid

Important Dates

  • March 5th (M): Trimester 3 begins

  • March 8th (T): last day to donate any gently used uniform items to the office

  • March 9th (W): Pottery Night & OPT Sale

  • March 12th (Sat): Open House (10 a.m.-1 p.m.)- Stop by 4th grade, then check out 5th grade to hear about what your child will be doing next year!

  • March 14th (M): No School: Teacher Professional Development Day