Incremental Continuous Improvement

Shout Outs!!!

To my amazing team – its been a long couple of weeks, but they make me laugh each and every day – hard to be too stressed when you work with your best friends! Tami

To Jodi – thank you for the yummy snack mix! --Tami

To Keni Scott for sharing her adorable B.O.M paper! -- Tami

To 5th grade – thank you for taking such great care of our babies from last year! –Tami

Thank you First Grade for first team to get their Attendance Audit to the Front Office.

Shout Out to Kim Slack for having an AWESOME NetSchool page!!!! Check out her page and see all the things her students and parents able to access: http://moodle.nisdtx.org/course/search.php?search=slack

Shout out to Mark for making me laugh and for always helping me with my technology issues!—Rene

To my fabulous 3rd grade team,

Thank you for the support and help while I was out! You are the most thoughtful group of friends, and I'm so lucky to have you! The snacks and flowers helped make my recovery 1000 times better! :) Cyndi Bruce

Shout out to Laura Janese for saving the day with a portable DVD player for the TC Fire Dept presentation and to Kim Osowsky for collecting the thank you notes to the firemen! Kim Hardy

Kid Wisdom

After teaching a lesson on non-fiction text features using a book about sharks, the students were assigned to look through the social studies book to find examples on their own of non-fiction text features. After a few minutes, a student tells his teacher, "I can't find any sharks in this book."

Feedback: Make it Count

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