The Road To Perseverance By Ben Barbeau


Perseverance is when there is adversity in your way of achieving your goal. And instead of giving up you push on to do your best. You may not accomplish your goal, but you still did your best. Perseverance is the best character trait that a person could have.

Losing To Win

Cause And Afect

Losing to win is about a group of girls on a basketball team. The group of girls were all from Carroll Academy, a Adolescent Intensive Day Treatment Program the cause was for kids that were troubled. Some of the children were abusing drugs or they had bad parents. The affect was instead of going to jail they went to the Adolescent Intensive Day Treatment Program. If you went to the school that means that you had to do what ever they told you to do, including participating in sports. There was a basketball team called the Lady Jags who weren't really good. In fact they had lost at that point 214 games. Even though they had lost all of those games they still tried their best.

Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleanor Roosevelt otherwise know as the "First Lady of the World" was one of the most inspiring people of the world. When she was little she wasn't the most beautiful people in the world, not like her mother anyway. People would call her names like "Ugly Duckling". Her parents were embellishing a lie. The true was she wasn't as pretty as her mother, but by calling her names they were creating a negative persona. Even spit these difficulties she still persevered to push on. Her whole life changed when she went to high school. She tried out for the badminton team and she made it. When she mad it she earned respect from her teammates by doing her hardest on and off the field. This means that because she tried her hardest she triumphed. After that she went back to being sad, then she met Franklin Roosevelt. Most importantly is that they both loved each other for who they were. They were the perfect couple, and in March 17, 1905 they got married. Everything was going great for her, till Franklin got polio. It was sad but also good, right when he got polio he was elected President. He later died of cerebral hemorrhage. Even tho she had so many adversities she somehow persevered through them all.

Homer P. Figg

Problem And Solution

Homer P. Figg is a fictional character who's parents both died. So he and his brother Harold both lived with his Uncle Squinton in Maine. Homer thought that his Uncle Squinton was the meanest man in Maine. His uncle hated them, he hated all kids in general. Also he never fed his brother and him. They lived a very morose life. One day Homer was eating some of the pig food and his uncle saw him. When he saw him he though that he was stealing his food, he was about to hit him but his brother got in his way. His uncle got really mad and ran off. When he got back he was with some other men. When they found them they made Harold illegally join the army. This was a problem Homer was really sad when he was taken away, but he wasn't going to just stand there and let his brother be taken away like that. Homer solution was to take action by setting of to find his brother. On his way he is faced with many adversities like robbers and kidnappers, but it doesn't stand in his way. He perseveres through all of his troubles to find his brother, and had some help along the way.

Jackie Robinson

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This picture represents Jackie Robinson's life. As you can see Jackie Robinson's life was very transforming. He went from a normal person to the rookie of the year. First In 1945 the Dodgers pretended to start up a Negro League, but they were actually covering up that they were searching for an African American to join the Brooklyn Dodgers. Then they finally chose Jackie Robinson to join. Next on the first game everyone was yelling and calling him names, but he used their negative comment as a catalyst to push forward.

Kid President

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Compare And Contrast

Robby Novak, also know as Kid President is an 11 year old kid who as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. He also has a 10 year old sister Lexi . Robby and his sister are both adopted. Even though he has endured all of these troubles he still is bring to make the world more "awesome". He has persevered through more than another kid, he has a disease that nobody would imagine to have, and is still happy and inspiring. To compare Robby to someone else is unimaginable, Robby has persevered much more. On contrast they both have had troubles, and are young.

What Can We Learn From Others Perseverance

We can learn from others perseverence is. One thing that we can learn is that people have overcome much more harder things to overcome than us and is still happy. Another thing that we can learn is that there is always a way to overcome an adversity. Even though the sitiuation may seem impossible to overcome, there is always away to keep on going. And in the long run you will triumph.