Grace Abbott Elementary

February 28, 2020

Principal: Dr. Erik Chaussee,

Secretary: Cindy Wrenn,


If your child doesn’t have a smart phone you can stop reading now. But, if you’re like most parents, either your child does have one, or will have one in the near future. A few years ago no child at the school had a smart phone. Some parents have felt that it is convenient for their child to be able to communicate via a cell phone for transportation reasons and I understand that. With the proliferation of smart phones in elementary schools there have been increasing problems-cyber bulling to be exact. As the principal I deal frequently with issues with students using phones and other devices inappropriately, mainly at home, not at school as we limit their use here. It’s frustrating as the school is increasingly asked to step in and solve these issues and, more importantly, to see how many children are severely hurt by what others say through texts, Instagram, etc. As a parent of four children, I’ve seen it all. When my older kids were in school they didn’t have cell phones until high school and they weren’t smart phones.

Here are some easy steps to take:

· Set an age in which your child will have a phone.

· Buy a flip phone and not a smart phone.

· Set limits.

· Have your child turn it in at night.

· Know your child’s passwords/codes.

Join us Tuesday, March 3 at Millard West High School, 6:30-7:30 PM for an informational Parent’s Night session with START (Stand Together and Rethink Technology). START has been nationally recognized for their work and was featured by Diane Sawyer on her Screen Time special last spring. Together we will learn how to begin the conversations that every family needs to have about the use of digital technology in their home.

This event for parents is free and open to the public.

Millard Bond Issue

Please come to hear a presentation on the proposed Millard Bond Issue. The table of dates, times and locations are below.
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Tyce Dyer, 5th grader in Ms. Pate's class, competed in the Kids Culinary Challenge at Millard South High School. He cooked up a bacon kidzable and had tons of fun! Every child who participated received a gift bag. Congratulations, Tyce!
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Right now your child is working with their art teacher, Mrs. Jensen to create their own unique piece of art. Soon you will have the opportunity to order from a variety of items displaying your child's work.

Please check backpacks weekly. You will soon receive a packet containing your child's art and all that Original Works has to offer. The proceeds will go to our crossing guard stationed on 156th street.

Contact Debbie Smith with any questions- 402-210-9014 or

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President - Linda Poole

Vice President - Dave Anderson

Secretary - Stacy Jolley

Treasurer - Amanda McGill Johnson

Board Member - Mike Kennedy

Board Member - Mike Pate