Making new types of fuel

Pros of Plant Fuel

Using plants for fuel minimizes the amount of pollution in the air and reduces the amount of green house gases. Also since plants are renewable the fuel will not run out. The cost is lower. Lowers the amount of energy needed to drive. Also since plants take in carbon it would help with some of the problems like global warming and polution

How it Works/Made

Biofuel has two ways of working the main one being Bioethanol for driving. Bioethanol is primarily made with sugar type plants such as sugar cane and sugar beet. The other biofuel is biodiesel which instead uses oil crops like soybeans or rapeseed

Cons of Biotech

Sadly their are still a few problems, for instance the cost and use of oil does not meet up with the final product. Also having to make all the pesticides and processing takes up a lot of energy. Consequently for now bio fuels don't make up the oil that was used to make them. Many people are planning on using grasses and saplings which has more cellulose. Cellulose is material which makes up a plants cell wall. People predict that cellulose might be more efficient then the current and produce less carbon dioxide (CO2)