The Gifts of Giving

By: Jillian Enke

The Gifts of Giving

The Gifts of Giving

Dear Mom And Dad,

I want to tell you how much I appreciate you, and what you do for me. For example you give me food, clothes, and most importantly love. Those are only a few that I appreciate you for.

I will start out by telling you how much I appreciate your love. For example you’re always there for me like that time I skinned my knee really bad and you came and helped me clean and bandage it up. Another way you express your love is when I’m sick. Like one time I got sick and you told me to get in bed and you gave me tea. You also make time for me. Like when you asked me if I wanted to do something and I said yes and you said we could go right now.

Another thing I appreciate is you give me food. For example, you make my favorite food, like once on my birthday you made me my favorite dinner which is cheesy chicken. You also give me snacks after school. You always make sure we have something to eat.

I also appreciate you for my clothes. For example you let me learn how to sew. You also buy me cute clothes. Like once I just got home for school and you bought me amazing clothes that I love. You also tell me if my clothes are cute or not.

Those are just a few things that I appreciate you for. I hope you like this.



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