The Road to Perseverance

How these people persevered through tough times.

By: Pranav Bhoopala

Jackie Robinson and his adversities; Option #2

Jackie Robinson was known for baseball, but he actually struggled and persevered to get there. He was the first African-american person to enter the Major Baseball Leagues. He had many adversities. One of them was that, when he played in games, he got booed by his fans because of his skin color. The outcome of this adversity was that he had to persevere to gain confidence and fan support.

Chilean Miners; Option #8

The Chilean miners had a bunch of adversities they had to overcome, in order to survive in the mine. One of the major adversities was that they were trapped inside a mine, with minimal food. They had to ration to about one bottle cap of water every 12 hours. It took about 17 days for the miners to get help from up above. Another adversity they had was that they had to keep hope and not give up to live. They persevered for 69 days. The miners had to overcome these adversities to succeed in survival.

Elanor Roosevelt facing adversity; Option #9

Elanor Roosevelt was a great person and had a lot of achievements, but she had to persevere a bunch while she was a teen. One of her adversities was that she was plagued by insecurity and shyness. That meant that she was often scared from people and didn't talk much. Another adversity she had faced was that she had an alcoholic father. He died when she was a young child. She had to deal with her mother and her siblings calling her ugly and not beautiful. She had to face many adversities to gain success in the world.