Thank you Robert Jarvik!

Tasha J


I learned that Robert Jarvik was the inventor of the Artificial Heart. It was first implanted in 1982 to a dentist named Barney Clark. His invention has opened many doors for new technology. I also learned that the artificial heart exist! I knew about other prosthesis, but not the artificial heart!

connection #1

While researching about the Artificial Heart, It made me think about the Jump-rope for Heart Association. What made me think about this is when I learned about the benefit that was wanted to come out of the Artificial Heart. The benefit was to lower the need of heart transplants. Jump-rope for Hearts benefit is to raise money for kids to get their heart transplant. This is one connection I can make.


prosthesis-is an artificial device that replaces a missing body part lost through trauma, disease, or congenital conditions.

sentence: I need to get fitted for a prosthesis.

Artificial Heart- is a prosthesis device that is implanted into the body to replace the original biological heart.

sentence: Robert Jarvik invented the artificial heart.

Ventricular assist device- which is implanted to assist the natural leaving the patients heart in place and still functioning.

sentence: There is two types of Artificial hearts that exist, the total artificial heart and the ventricular assist device.

First artificial heart implant offers new hope to patients with heart diseases