Summer must haves!

May was A-MAY-ZING!

For anyone that doesn't know the reason that I started with Beautycounter - here is goes:

In April, I went through quite the cancer scare. Finding large, abnormal lumps that needed several rounds of testing was very scary. Lucky for me, they turned out to be cancer free. This has not been the case for three of my friends who were diagnosed with cancer since December. My family has also had quite the history with it. All of this sparked a desire in me to make a change.

What I didn't realize is that while Eric and I have been doing our best to eat cleaner and more organic, I was still been putting harmful chemicals in my body via my beauty and personal care products. During my research, I found out that our FDA only bans 11 items from beauty products while Europe bans over 1300! Many of these chemicals are linked to cancer and reproductive/hormonal issues. These are items that I used every day! Items that I have washed Brayden with.

Luckily, I have an amazing friend that introduced me to Beautycounter, which bans more than 1500 chemicals from their products. After a lot of my own research, I signed up to be a consultant with them so that I can educate more people about the harmful chemicals in our beauty products today.

What an awesome decision that was! I had great success this month promoting all the way up to a manager! Most importantly, I have shared this safety information with many people and continue to do my part to change the beauty industry!

Beautycounter took on D.C.!

100 Consultants. 50 States. 90 Meetings. Our consultants worked Capitol Hill last month advocating for new, public health protective laws that will ensure all products are safer for future generations.
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Huge announcement...

Oh yeah, by the way, we announced our biggest partnership ever! You may have heard of this little company called Target ;) That's right! They chose us to be their first ever luxury Beauty Brand to bring in a capsule collection this fall for a limited time!!! It is so exciting, we can hardly contain ourselves!!!
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Summer Giveaways

This teacher LOVES June because it means time at home with my little guy! So, I am feeling very generous. is what I'm offering for orders placed in June on a first come, first served basis (they cannot be attached to someone's party - I have other giveaways for those)!!

Each product will only be gifted once!

Don't wait and miss out!

One more giveaway

If you are one of the first 5 people to order $100+ from now until the end of June, you will receive this Beautycounter pouch ($30 value)!
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What can you do to help?

There are several ways that you can get involved in Beautycounter.
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