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What's Going on in KA!?

Within the past few weeks, we have been having so much fun continuing to build close friendships and getting to know each other more in our classroom environment. In our morning meetings, we have fun learning new sight words by playing a "clap! stomp! hop! flash card game. We also enjoy figuring out words for our word family flowers. Having a message reader everyday has been exciting as we all get an opportunity to be in charge of informing our peers of what our daily routine will consist of. As the weather continues to get warmer, we have been having a lot of fun visiting Fort Greene Park and going to Metrotech for recess. Please sign up and join us in the fun!

Super Readers!

During our last reading unit we took a closer look at how readers read nonfiction books to learn new facts and information. We continued to read with a partner to practice sharing what we learned and understand how the pictures in a story matches the words on the page to help us read. As we continue to apply the skills we have learned, we are now in a new unit where we are learning that Super Readers read with fluency. This means we are not reading too fast or too slow, but as we like to say "Juuuust Riiiight!"

Magical Mathematicians

We have been working on using number stories to create number sentences (5+4=9) as well as number bonds! We learned that number bonds consists of 3 parts, the whole number and the 2 parts that make up the whole. There are some math problems where we have to figure out the missing whole number or the missing parts. For example, if the whole number in a number story is 13 and one of the parts is 7, we have to figure out the other part that will make up 13 which is 6. This has been a fun math adventure and we continue to practice number bonds and number sentences during various times in the day.

Curriculum Share & IB

It was such a great pleasure to have our families come in and see all that we learned about transportation. We had fun showing our transportation building and our Non-fiction books about a particular form of transportation (train, ice cream truck, firetruck and more). We appreciate all of your support and are excited about our next IB unit all about Growth! So far we have discussed and generated ideas about what the word "growth" means to us.

Barcelona -Town Hall Meeting

We recently had our second Town Hall Meeting and it was super exciting! We solved so many math problems as a school and was able to travel to Barcelona. A Flamenco dancer joined us and showed us how to dance using a castanet instrument. She also showed us special dances with the use of a fan and how this fan was used to communicate certain messages such as "yes" or "no" or "let's be friends". We learned a lot of facts about Barcelona in addition to learning our NEW SCHOOL SONG!

P.E Update from Coach M&M

We have completed our Dr. Seuss Unit! We read one of his classics and then tie the main idea of that read aloud into a kinesthetic activity after! It was an absolute blast!!

KA is looking forward to a spring like month of April and more exciting activities to come.

If you missed the curriculum share video, it is attached below.

Password: share2


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School Lunch Menu 4/11-4/15

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Inventory Running Low!

We are running low on supplies that help keep our students and classrooms clean so we are reaching out to you for some support! We are currently accepting donations of Hand Sanitizer, Paper Towels, Baby Wipes, Wet Wipes, Clorox and/or Lysol Wipes, and Kleenex/facial tissues... we need them all! Great times to bring in supply donations are during morning drop off and dismissal. All contributions, large or small, are appreciated. Thanks in advance!