Tech Tuesday

December 9, 2014

Get the APP!

What is Adobe Voice?

Adobe Voice: Show your story. In minutes.

Here are some examples

Need more help creating?

Now What?

To learn the app, we are going to make Adobe Voice videos and share them.
Since the focus is to explore the app, the content of your video is up to you. It can be related to your content and be something you could really use with your students or it can be a time for you to make something just for the fun of it. Make your video be 1 minute or less.

Here is a list of ideas:

  • Study tips for finals
  • Content for finals (divide content up among your team and then share links)
  • Christmas card to your family
  • Tell your favorite childhood story
  • Get a list of ideas in the "Want Inspiration" section

Gift Cards!!!

The last 10 minutes we will come back and do a "walkaround" share for everyone that is willing to share their video. Everyone that shares will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to Starbucks.

Tips for Classroom Use

  • Teachers can use Adobe Voice to communicate directions, examples, study guides, new content, etc
  • Students can use Adobe Voice to show their learning through showing steps in a process, re-telling content, sharing stories, creating a study guide to share with others, sharing results of an experiment, documenting a project in class, etc.
  • If students are sharing from their iPads, they do not need an account.
  • If you want to have students turn in a link, then they will have to have accounts.
  • Students have to be 13 or over to create an account.
  • If students have trouble uploading, it is probably due to an inserted image that is not properly fitted inside the box.
  • Help with work flow for Adobe voice is below:

Google Form Example

  • A google form is a great way to collect links form students if you plan to share all of the links with the entire class after you have viewed them.
  • After you have viewed all of the links, you could share the spreadsheet of links by changing the share options and then posting the link to the spreadsheet in Edmodo.

Edmodo Assignment Example

  • If you do not plan to share the videos with the entire class, and the student is only completing the work for you to view and grade, then and Edmodo Assignment is a better option.
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