Nicholas A. 2nd period


Come to Indonesia we have an amazing country. In Indonesia we have fought for independence from the Netherlands and the Dutch. But we have fertile soil that has made life great for farmers. Also we have had tons of resources that is good for manufacturing. Because we have great resources we have become the world 16th largest economy. Then when you visit there will be someone you can talk to because we speak over 100 languages. This due to having the world 4th largest population.

Indonesia- Come island hop in paradise!!


Indonesia is and archipelago with over 17,000 islands. Our major islands are Sumatra, Celebes, Borneo, and Java that has our capital. Then volcanoes that formed the islands left ash that helped make fertile soil. Then because we are near the equator we have a tropical climate. Because of the great soil and the climate lush forest have grown all over the islands.


In Indonesia we speak over 100 languages and have over 200 ethnic groups. Because of all these different groups we are sometimes called the "Link of the World". But most people are part of the Malay group and most people speak Bahasa Indonesia, the official language.

We have about 206 million people which gives us the world 4th largest population. Then we have the worlds largest Muslim population even thought we are not an Islamic country. But even as a minority the Christian are very influential.


In Indonesia our government is based of 5 beliefs called Pancasila. The principals of Pancasila are: belief in one God, humanitarianism, unity of our country, democracy based on consensus of representatives, and justice for all. Pancasila was made by our first president Sukarno.

Our constitution was written in 1945. According to the constitution a 560 member House of Representatives makes the laws and meets once a year. Then there is the People's Consultative Assembly. The Assembly includes the House and small regional councils. Both groups only have a 5 year term. Then the persistent who is head of state and runs the army. He is elected for 5 years of can only have 2 terms.

In our county to vote you must be 17 but if you are younger than 17 and married then you can get your Kartu Tanda Penduduk. With this you can vote. For our education you must go 9 years, 6 years in elementary level and 3 years in level 2.

In our Judicial system local government courts do civil and criminal cases. Then the supreme court reviews all cases.


In Indonesia we have a market economy. Then lots of foreign companies build factories here because of cheep labor. Then because of our location it is easy to ship goods. Some of our framing exports are cocoa, coffee, palm oil, rubber, sugar, and tea.

Then underground we have stores of oil and natural gas. Then in the mines we have bauxite, coal, copper, gold, nickel, silver, and tin. Then with the forest we have lots of woods that are good for exporting. But even with all the export we still have to import stuff like machines and chemicals.