Ms. Starr's Class News

We WILL NOT have tutoring on Tues., Jan. 20

Important Dates to Remember

  • We WILL NOT have tutoring on Tuesday, Jan. 20 Teacher Meeting.

Jan. 19: Holiday- No School

Jan. 20: Boosterthon Kick-off

Begin 3rd Nine Weeks

5's Test

Jan. 21: 6's Test

Jan. 22: 7's Test

Jan. 23: Electronic Report Cards

Timed Test Retakes

Jan. 26: 8's Test

Jan. 27: 9's Test

Jan. 28: 10's Test

Jan. 29: Last day of Retakes

Jan. 30: Boosterthon Fun Run 9:30

Multiplication Ice Cream Party- 1:30

Learning Ahead Jan. 19.-23

Science: This week will continue learning about energy. We will continue to build and demonstrate how our instruments create energy. Students were told they could bring anything in they might want to use.

Language Arts/Writing: We will be working on timelines this week. Students will be creating a timeline of their life to share with the class.

Reading/Social Studies: We will work on asking questions while we read. Students will learn how to answer questions they have while reading. There will be no story from the Journeys Book this week.

Math: We will continue with timed tests this week. Also, we will work on 2 digit times 1 digit multiplication and have a small intro into division. Keep practicing!!!


  • We WILL NOT have tutoring on Tuesday, Jan. 20 Teacher Meeting.
  • Boosterthon Fundraiser begins this week. Get out there and earn those donations!!!!
  • Multiplication timed tests will continue this week. Make sure you and your child are practicing at least 10 minutes every night and return the study log by Friday.
  • Thank you to everyone who sent in items for our energy building.
  • From now until March 4th, 2015, the cost of a yearbook is $20. It must be ordered online or by phone as follows- or call 1-800-853-1337 After 3/4/15 the cost will go up to $25.
  • Six Flags Reading logs are due on Feb. 13. Earn that free ticket!
  • Give HVE a helping hand and join the PTA today! It’s easy to become a member, just go to and register online.







Silent Consonant Blends "ch"/ "wr"/ "kn"

itch wreck knee

patch, write, catch, wrap, knew, wrinkle, knot, knock, knuckle, watch, match, wrist, knife, wrong, hatch, stretch, know, wrestle