Foods of West,North & South Europe

Western Europe

  • Western Europe has many famous and active volcanoes.
  • Countries in north Europe include England,Scotland,Wales,Ireland,France,Germany,Belgium,The Netherlands,Switzerland,Austria.
  • Foods are Yorkshire pudding is like a roast beef muffin,Haggis or Sheep stomach,Laver-Bread or procecced seaweed,Colcannon or potatoes and cabbage,Baguette is just toast,Sauerbraten is beef,Stollen is bread with fruit and Torte is cake

Northern Europe

  • That part brings millions in for travel
  • Countries are Denmark,Sweden,Norway,Finland and Iceland
  • Smorgasbord is a cured fish ,and Lute fish is dried cod soaked in culinary water

Mediterranean/South Europe

  • Spain is located in south Europe
  • Countries are Spain,Portugal,Italy and Greece
  • Foods include Marzipan,Paella,Tapas,Pancetta,Antipasto,Pesto,Gnocchi,Polenta,Cannoli,Biscotti,Moussaka,Dolma and Baklava