European Union project poland

By will Walsh

History of the Poland flag

Red and white have long been associated with Poland and its coat of arms. On the modern flag, white is said to represent the hope for peace by all of Poland's people, while red still recalls the symbolic reference to socialism from days gone by.

Where is Poland located

The country of Poland is in the Europe continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 51° N, 20° E. Some neighboring Belarus,Czech republic,Lithuania,Slovakia,Ukraine.

When did Poland join the European Union.

  1. Poland joined the European Union in May 2004. Poland had been negotiating with the EU since 1989. With the fall of communism in 1989/1990 in Poland, Poland embarked on a series of reforms and changes in foreign policy, intending to join the EU and NATO.

Some physical features people should visit.

Polands government is republic

a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them. any body of persons viewed as a commonwealth.

What is the capital of Poland.

The capital of Poland Is Warsaw and some cities are Cracow,Poznan,Szczecin.

Some interesting facts about Poland

The name Poland comes from the tribe name Polanie wich means people living in open fields. Another interesting facts is 3.3million Jews live in poland.