Opportunities in sport

We are going to identify the courses running in your area


Sports or physical activity can be done in your local area at..

  • Redhill leisure centre
  • Arnold leisure centre
  • Carlton forum
  • Calverton leisure centre
  • Richard Herrod centre

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You can take part in...

  • Mind and body classes
  • Strength and training classes
  • Racket sports
  • Zumba and dance
  • Gym workouts

What can follow from your level 1 award?

In your local area you can take courses to follow on from your sport leadership qualification. An example of this is taking a 48 hour course including 10 hours of demonstration which you have to be 14 or above. Theses courses have an admissions fee of £34.95 and following from that you can also complete your level 3 and above sports leader qualification.
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How can a leader use this information to involve themselves in sport?

After their sports leader qualification they can use it to step into employment to then gain a further career in teaching etc. you can also develop skills even if you don't want to go into a career into sport.