Chapter 15

By: Emily, Lily, Rachel, Evie, and Dave. period 1 3/24

The common school movement (education)

Immigrants and Navist Responce- Emily

In the 1800's many Immigrants crossed the Atlantic ocean to come to America. More than 3 million of these immigrants were German or Irish. The Irish came to America because all of their potatoes began to rot, and they came here to start a better life. Most of these German and Irish immigrants settled in Massachusetts,New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania because they were poor. Now the German's came here some escaping prosecution, others came to America for new economy and better work. But there was a group of people that didn't like the idea of new immigrants coming to America. These people were called the Know Nothing Party. These people when asked a question would say, "I know nothing". They thought the immigrants were going to take all their jobs, so they didn't welcome them. They were discriminating also, for example some places didn't hire Irish folks. But I'm glad it different today than it was many years ago!


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Womens Right ~Rachel Johnston

Back in the 1800s women had little to no rights they also couldn't vote and they had little or no control over their land if they were married. Many people back then fought for rights for women like the Susan B. Anthony, the Grimke sisters and Sojourner Truth . Also Sarah Grimke fought for women and she wanted better education opportunities. Women back then were often found as the “weaker sex” and people didn’t want women to leave their traditional roles. Seneca Fall Convention was a meeting to discuss women's rights that took place on July 19 1848. Declaration of Sentiments was a document that tried to change the rights for women. These big attempts didn’t work to get women more rights. But one of the small acts that toppled the domino to make women's rights a big deal was when Elizabeth Cady Stanton went on strike by refusing to sit in the women's section of the bus. This inspired others to rebel. Thanks to people who did small things like this is the reason why women have equal rights as men today.

Prison Reformance and Temperance

Mentally ill people would be placed right next to the dirty cells of criminals and sometimes they would be naked, chained, beaten with rods, and lashed into obedience. Later there were separate houses to take better care for the mentally ill. Thanks to Dorothea Dix. Also the way children were treated was really poorly. They were treated like adult prisoners. People later built a separate correctional facility for children. People also built better schools for the children and people also built schools for the free slaves. The amount an average American consumes of alcohol yearly was alarming. Some people were drinking 7 gallons per year. Some states banned the selling of alcohol. Dorothea Dix helped get better mental people conditions, Horace Mann was the leading voice for education reform, and Women were the leading voice in alcohol ban.


Holt Mc Dougal call to Freedom (book)