Local News Update


My trip

Twelve year old Sally Coast went to the coastal plains for a family trip realizing that it wasn't going to be anything like she imagined it she qouted " I thought that going to the coast was going to be the most boring trip of my life but it turns out that it wasn't that bad we saw all the major cities like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houstin, Galvveston, and Brownsville, oh and Corpus Chrisiti. My favorite part of the trip was their economy, they had lumbering, wood, farming, ranching, oil refining, shipping, and fishing, and that's all that I can remember from our trip to the coastal plains. Oh and here are some photos I took."

What we discovered

With the information that we had from Sally Coast we discovered that the coastal plain takes up 1/3 of Texas, the location is in the Eastern most Texas along the Gulf of Mexico, the natural resources there are trees, rivers, fertile soil, grass fields, lakes, rain, oil, and natural gas. The physical features in the coastal plains are large hills and flat hills, the crops there are cotton, rice, fruits, veggies, corn, peanuts, watermelon, peaches, pecans, and Christmas trees. And the climate there seems to be very stormy tornadoes, hurricanes, and 30-55r inches of rain come down per year. The last information we've found was that the other regions in the coastal plains are the Piney woods, Poast oak belt, Black land prairie, Gulf coast plain, South Texas plain.

what you will see more of...

The Great plains, the North Central Plains, Mountains and basins as well.