Upper Dublin in Review...

Legislative Meeting Briefs - October 2019

President's Welcome and Reports to the Board of School Directors

  • President's Welcome - Dr. Levinowitz welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded the community about the upcoming UD Tricentennial Fall Fest celebration on November 3rd.
  • Student Government Association Report - Daniel Caplan shared information about happenings at UDHS. Click here to read Daniel's full report.
  • Superintendent's Report - Dr. Yanni presented his monthly Superintendent's Report. Please click here to read Dr. Yanni's full report.

Community Input

The first community input period is limited to presentation and action items only, however, there was no community input.

Education Committee (Curriculum, Technology, and Pupil Services) Recommendations

  • Curriculum - The Board approved the following actions: update to Sir John Lawes British Exchange, student activities, and professional conferences.
  • Pupil Services - The Board approved a confidential educational agreement, a confidential service agreement, and service agreements. The service agreements were for the following: dental examinations, medical consultation and examination services, and consultation services for a student with special needs.

Operations Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved a list of excess, obsolete, and non-repairable equipment.
  • Approvals - The Board approved change orders for the roadway improvement project for SRMS, and a change order to Sargeant Enterprises for the builder's risk insurance and asbestos removal. A change order to Skepton Construction which includes a credit and submission of PlanCon H were also approved. An agreement for professional engineering services for MGES sprinkler heads replacement was approved, and the Board ratified an agreement for indoor air quality monitoring support and oversight during demolition/construction of the SRMS Annex.

Finance Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved routines matters such as the review of the treasurer's report, payment of bills, and Food Service bid award.
  • Other Matters - The Board also approved the third borrowing for the SRMS project.

Personnel Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved the personnel report, inclusive of appointments, resignations, leaves of absences, changes of status, change of contract status, curriculum leaders (changes), mentors, and extracurricular activities.
  • Other Matters - The Board also approved an addendum to the Lakeside Social Worker agreement.

Policy Committee Recommendations

Policy Second Readings, Administrative Regulation Approvals, and Second Reading Repeals

  • Assignment and Transfer (309)
  • Comprehensive Plan (100) - policy and administrative regulation
  • Educational Equity and Non-Discrimination in School and Classroom Practices (103)
  • Equitable Scheduling and Course Offerings for Students (106) - policy and administrative regulation
  • Guidance and School Counseling Program (112)
  • Career and Technical Education (115)
  • Homebound Instruction (117) - policy and administrative regulation
  • Assessment of Educational Program (127)
  • Migrant Education (142)
  • School Choice (143)
  • Guides for Planned Instruction (106) - repeal

Policy First Readings
- The Board affirmed the following first readings:
  • Local Board Procedure - Student Representative to the School Board (004.1)
  • Philosophy of Education (101)
  • Instructional Materials (110) - repeat first read
  • Privacy of Personal Health Information (826)
  • First reading repeals of Tutorial Instruction (116) and Employment Contract (508)

In Other Business...

  • The Board accepted a report from the EAC "An Examination of Executive Function Skills in Upper Dublin."
  • Liaison Committee Reports - Board members provided reports on upcoming meetings.
  • Solicitor's Report - Mr. Diasio announced the executive session of the Board that took place prior to the meeting.

Community Input and Follow-Up Comments

The following topics were discussed by meeting attendees during the second community input period: there was no community input, however, Mr. Ropski commented on the SchoolDigger rating and metrics.

Upcoming Meetings

All upcoming meetings and District events are included on our calendar. Click here to view the District calendar.