Earth Science Water Project

Water Usage By Kylie Soto

Water Usage

We use water every day, we need it. How much do we use daily? Each day we use about 16.8% of water in the shower, 26.7% for a toilet, 15.7% for a faucet, clothes washer we use 21.7, 13.7 for leaks, and 5.3 for other. That is a lot of water that goes to waist! To try to avoid wasting this much water we can turn of the faucet while brushing our teeth, or just taking 5 minute showers. To perform two tasks with water we use 43.5% of water just from using the bathroom and brushing our teeth or washing our hands. The usage of how much water we use is approximately 80-100 gallons a day!

Why We Use Water

We Need Water!

Everyday we are using water. We can't live without it. Babies use for baths and children and adults use it for using the restroom, brushin gyour teeth, washing your hands, and taking showers. We have to keep our teeth healty, use the restroom, washing our hands to keeps grems away, and take showers to prevent smeeling and to keep clean.