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Great tips, incentives, and kudos! November 13, 2015

We are a sky full of STARS!

Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official video)

You are your number one ROCK STAR!

The past week has been amazing! It started off with new comp plan changes and a PHILLY visit from Jessica! Then our local Holiday kickoff with our amazing Platinum Director, Carla Greengrass and many of YOU! After reflecting on this past week, I believe that our whole BLAZING BLINGS TEAM can be a SKY FULL OF STARS! Did you see the new STAR requirements? The SWEET SPOT has become even SWEETER! I have been chatting with a bunch of you this week and you all seem to be sharing the same excitement as me! This is YOUR time to believe that anything can happen. A little hustle and determination (YES! Because it's not easy!), but most importantly PASSION will get you there!!!


November is when dreams come true! November is when we get paid the MOST on our own hustle! November is when YOU believe in yourself and it carries through into the new year!

November anything can happen for YOU! have to go for it! Nothing comes to us easily. If you want a trunk show, you have to contact 10 girls! If you want to sponsor, you have to contact 10 more girls! It doesn't happen on the first try, usually the second or third or even fifth! Stay humble, joyful and persistent and it will happen!

xo Jen

Stylists who are ROCKING it!

3 more days for our booking blitz with surprise incentives!!!!

We are booking 20 more shows as a team in November!!! It's blitzing time and I am ready to give some fabulous gifts away to YOU!!!!!! I am so grateful for this amazing team and know this is going to be the BIGGEST month yet we have ever had!!! I smell promotions brewing BIG TIME!!! With the new comp plan changes, it has never been more doable to attain YOUR goal!!!'s time to do what we do best....BOOK!!!!!!

As a team we are going to book 20 NEW IN HOME NOVEMBER SHOWS! Every time we BOOK 5, I'll give away a MYSTERY PRIZE!!!!!! So FOUR FAB prizes !!! (Drawing our first winner today on Facebook!!!)

Here's the a NEW in home show and POST it to our pinned post on FB (or email me!)

Extending this awesome contest until Monday! Let's do it!!!


DOT DOLLARS ARE HERE!!!! The promotion you know and love, Dot Dollars is back! For every $50 your customer spends November 12th through December 15th, they earn $25 in Dot Dollars! Dot Dollars is an amazing deal for customers and Hostesses and for you to increase sales and earn your next promotion!

New to the promotion? We’ve got you covered with all the tools and resources you need to help you maximize your earn! Check your inbox for these and be sure to visit the resources, promotion details and FAQs here

Check out this Facebook chat that we did on Dot Dollars for more info!
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Dot Dollar tips!


Top 10 in sales THIS WEEK!

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Keep Booking November!!

November Words to Say!

November words to say! Need help with language to use when reaching out to book shows? Check this out!!

Sample Email
Hi Gina,
I was thinking of you at this exciting time of year. Stella & Dot’s Holiday Collection is here and we’re truly excited to make gift giving easy and fun for our customers and Hostesses! Whether a new statement necklace to transform last year’s favorite sweater or a bright clutch or stylish scarf to solve your upcoming gift giving needs, we truly have something for everyone! And our gorgeous Starlet Pearl Necklace – perfect for layering and gifting - just launched!

Plus, Trunk Show guests get 50% off on some of our best selling, sparkly pieces this month only. Take a sneak peek:

I’d love help you and your friends get a jump on your holiday shopping with a fun style session AND my average Hostess gets $200+ in FREE Style Rewards and 3 item at 50% off! Get holiday gifts or style yourself for FREE!

I’ll give you a call in a couple of days – I can’t wait to hear what you think of the new collection!



Sample Text:

Sample email 1.Hi Gina, I immediately thought of you because our Starlet Pearl Necklace just launched as part of our Holiday collection! It is unique, fun and perfect for layering and gifting. We can have your girlfriends over for a fun night in of holiday shopping! I have November 6th and 12th available and a few dates in later November as well. I’ll call you to chat! Xo, Betsy

Follow Up with a Phone Call

“Hi Gina! How are you? I emailed you a couple of days ago with our Starlet Pearl Necklace and holiday pieces - I knew you’d love them! Which piece did you like best?

Here’s what I’m thinking: November is a perfect month to get together with your girlfriends before the holiday season fully arrives, and everyone can get an early start on their holiday shopping. Plus, your friends will love our November Trunk Show Exclusive Offers and you’ll get to shop for FREE and 50% off!

When do you normally get together with your friends? Let’s do it!”

Tips for a Purple Dot show! (That's a $1,000+ show!)

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You have the shows booked, now what do you do???

Seven simple steps for a GREAT show!

If you implement all of these steps consistently with all of your shows, I guarantee you will see bigger numbers and PURPLE shows!!! Give it a try! Plus, it's nice to have a system for yourself. Makes things easy so you know what to do every time you book a show!

Check out the seven steps here!
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