Brown vs Board of Education

Emily Hood

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  • Brown vs Board of Education was what got public schools to stop being segregated
  • Allowed blacks and whites to go to the same school
  • Started when Oliver Brown filed a complaint with the school board of Topeka, Kansas
  • He didn't understand why his 2 children had to walk 3 miles to get to a school that wasn't as nice as the one 1 mile away from his home
  • Went all the way up to the Supreme Court
  • Voted unconstitutional
  • All public schools were told to desegregate schools at their own time
  • Took many years to complete
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  • Argued December 9th, 1952
  • Reargued December 8th, 1953
  • Decided May 17th, 1954

Impact on the Civil Rights Movement

  • Black and whites could go to the same school
  • Began desegreting of the whole country
  • Opened Americas eyes of how messed up segregation was
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