Research Infographic

By Abi Riley

How to know if a site is credible

When I research I always want to have accurate Information, so what I do is I make sure that I can see the date, author and that the link ends in on of these urls (.edu, .gov, .org.) What I don't want to see is bad usage of words (swear words), poor spelling and grammar and things that just don't sound right. If you really want to know if a site is credible you can check three other websites to see if the information is correct.

How to gather information

When you are trying to get information, the best way to gather it by using notes. This will help you organize your information so you can access it more easier.

How to search with key words

Key words are words that stand out the most or are most important . For example: Who invented the game of baseball? In that sentence the key words are invented and baseball. So if you were searching online your search could be Invention of baseball. so basically you take your key words and tun them into a smaller question.

Difference between summarizing quoting and paraphrasing

Summarizing is giving a brief statement of the main points of the passage.

Quoting is taking something some one else said and putting it in your writing.

Paraphrasing is re-writing the meaning of the passage but in your own words. Paraphrasing can be as long or longer then the passage.


Plagiarism is taking someone else's work or ideas and calling it there own. A way to avoid plagiarism is by never ever using copy and past and if you do make sure that you quote it or give credit.

What is MLA citations?

Some great Websites