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SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Christmas Term - Week 13 - 9th - 13th November 2015

Language Arts

In Writer's Workshop this week, our budding poets have been developing their bank of strategies and using these to write powerful poetry.

Strategies Poets Use

* Poets find a big topic that gives them big, strong feelings.

* Poets find a small object or moment or detail that holds the big feeling.

* Poets look with poets' eyes and see an ordinary thing in a new way.

* Poets write about it, experimenting with line breaks.

* Poets use honest, precise words

Perhaps your family can try to see the world through a poet's eyes and share your discoveries and - possibly - write poetry together! We would love to hear your creations.


On a normal day, school starts at 8am and ends at 3pm. That's 7 hours per day. In a normal week, we spend 7 hours/day x 5 days at school = 35 hours of school per week!

This week we have only spent 4 fifths of our usual time at school.

So how many hours have we spent at school this week?

We have been learning how to find a fraction of a set, for example 4/5 of 35. We began by recognising and naming fractions from a set of objects. This lead us to calculating the product of a proper fraction and a whole number, as well as solving word problems like the one above.

Next week, the children will complete their end of unit review for the Fractions unit. We will also begin our new unit on Angles.


In our 'They See The World Like This' unit of work this week, the students have enjoyed researching a particular art movement. They then created a fact file that details the time period and characteristics of that movement. Examples of paintings created during the movement were also identified alongside the famous artists and a range interesting facts. The students will next place their fact files on their class timelines, to deepen their knowledge and understanding of chronology.

Next week, we will be looking even closer at the art movements to produce posters that give the reader much more in depth and informative details.

Home Learning - Christmas Term Week 14

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Language Arts


Next week, we will continue to look closely at prefixes - a group of letter added to the beginning of a word. A prefix can often help you to work out the meaning of a word.

The prefixes we will be concentrating on are inter- and mini-

inter- means 'between'

kilo- means 'smaller' or 'less important'

Words to be learnt: international, interactive, intercom, internet, intersect, minibus, miniskirt, miniature, minimise, minibeast

Additional extension words: intermediate, interaction, intercontinental, minimalist, minidiscs


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.


Unit 3/4: Fractions/Angles

Mon: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4A Part 1 Pages: 87-88

Tue: Shaping Maths Activity Book 4A Part 1 Pages: 89-90

Wed: MyiMaths online activity - Fractions/Fractions of a Set

Thu: Worksheet: Recognising acute, obtuse and right angles

Remember to practice your multiplication tables regularly...

IPC - They See The World Like This

Grade Four children continue their home country artist project.

The guidelines for this project are in the children's Home Learning Journal.

The guidelines will include a helpful plan and self assessment rubric to support your child in completing this project on time without any worry.

Please encourage your child to follow the guidelines closely and carefully.

The project is due on Friday 4th December.

Art-tastic Adventures

A Whole School Exhibition of Individual and Collaborative Artwork

"Sounds We See; Images We Hear"

A display of Early Years artwork inspired by classical music.

Prep 1 - Grade 6

25th & 26th November

5:30-7:00 ES Hall

Virtue of the Week


Gentleness is acting and speaking in a kind, considerate way.

It is using self-control' in order not to hurt or offend anyone.

You can be gentle with people and animals in the way you touch them and the way you speak to them.

You handle things carefully, so they will not break or be hurt.

When you think gentle thoughts, it makes the world a safer, gentler place.

Coming Up

18th Nov - Writing Curriculum Workshop @ 8:20-9:20am

24th Nov - Science Day

25th-26th Nov - Art-tastic Adventures @ 5:30-7:00pm ES Hall

27th Nov - School Council Disco @ 5:30-7:30pm

29th Nov - Christmas Wreath Making @3:30-5:00pm

8th Dec - 'We See The World Like This' performance evening. @ 6:00-7:00 in G4 classrooms.

10th Dec - Candlelit Crib Service @ Chapel 6:30pm

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