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What is a tsunami?

A tsunami is a wave caused by a underwater earthquake that is very dangerous and it can take out a whole city! The waves can get high as 100 feet.
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Here are some facts about tsunamis

1.most of them happen within the Pacific Ocean ring of fire

2. Usually the first wave is not the strongest they get stronger more toward the middle

3. the waves can go as fast as 500 miles fast!

4. Tsunami is a Japanese word for "harbor wave"

5. In the US the states that get the most Risk of a tsunami are the west coast states

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What is a Tsunami? Facts & Information | Mocomi Kids

Here are "s'more" intresting facts about tsunami

1. The biggest tsunami that ever occurred was in lituya bay in 1958.

2. A tsunami usually lasts for about a couple of hours.

3. Tsunamis usually occur in the Pacific Ocean near Indonesia

4. The latest tsunami recorded was in 1993

5. The first tsunami ever recorded was in 1883.