Protect Our Planet

We stand for what we stand on

About Us:

Protect Our Planet is a liberal interest group on the environment. Our goal is to make the world clean and safe for everyone. Members of our interest group are very concerned with global warming and want to pass more laws restricting businesses.

On the Issues:


Protect Our Planet organization believes that the United States should make it illegal for all humans to cut down ancient forests. These precious plants clean the air we breathe and cool the planet. Without these living organisms and with less global warming will continue to get worse and threaten our health and the planets.

2. Restrict Greenhouse Gases

The United States should restrict companies to a certain amount of greenhouse gases being released from their factories. We are certain that this will slow down the rate of global warming and make the planet healthier.

3. Protect the Oceans

Protect Our Planet wants to help all organisms including the ones under water. We plan to stop coastal development in order to harm marine life less. Offshore fishing and irresponsible fishing practices should also be stopped to save the slaughtering of innocent marine life.