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New Possibilities for MIDI Designer Pro 2

MIDI Designer Pro 2.96: One Huge Leap Forward

MIDI Designer version 2.96 is a huge step forward for our most advanced users. We're introducing the Stream Byter Plugin by Audeonic. The Plugin provides MIDI manipulation in two places: before MIDI Designer processes the MIDI, and before the MIDI produced by MIDI Designer gets sent to a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Virtual or Hardware target via CoreMIDI.

Stream Byter was initially released in May '13 as a way to extend MidiBridge 1.5 'out in the field' for customers and has been continuously improved since then. The Stream Byter in Midi Designer is the "Stream Byter II" version that exists in Audeonic’s MidiFire app (iOS/macOS).

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What Does Stream Byter Do?

It allows you to make custom MIDI processing modules that you design yourself using a concise programming language made up of rules. There are simple rules for matching and transforming MIDI events and more complex rules for writing modules that behave conditionally, set/examine variables, perform math/timing operations, and of course, generate MIDI messages.

Generally rules do one or more of these things, and often combine them:

  • decompose and recompose longer MIDI messages
  • filter MIDI messages
  • transform MIDI messages
  • produce more MIDI messages

The first case, decomposition of MIDI messages, will be useful for parsing incoming sysex dumps for hardware synths that produce parseable sysex dumps for patches.

Learn more about the Stream Byter Plugin by Audeonic.

Audeonic MIdiFire

The Stream Byter plugin is based on the Stream Byter Module of Audeonic MidiFire (based on Midi Bridge). The Plugin for MIDI Designer Pro 2 contains a lot of functionality, but for users with advanced MIDI processing needs, MidiFire provides even great MIDI processing power and is definitely worth a look:

Learn more about Audeonic MidiFire

Note: In the initial release, delays are not implemented in MIDI Designer Pro 2 Stream Byter plugin. This is coming very soon.

MIDI Designer Pro 2, 2.96

Saturday, March 3rd, 1pm

This is an online event.

MIDI Designer Pro 2 Version 2.96 is queued for Apple App Store review and will be available on Saturday for $24.99 US.

The Stream Byter Plugin IAP will be available for MDP2 users for an introductory price of $1.99 (normally $4.99).

One More Thing

In addition to the Stream Byter Plugin, Version 2.96 provides Slow Reset to Default. When a supercontrol button is set to “Reset to Default,” it can now also snap the subcontrol to its value over time. This gives you a slow reset and a precursor of what’s to come with presets.

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